Seventeen Ninety Eight Memorial

Welcome to Seventeen Ninety Eight Memorial web-site.  This web-site is meant to introduce people to an extraordinary marble, bronze and mosaic monument in Sydney.  The different pages will deal with diverse aspects of the monument.  Here is a photograph, which gives an idea of what the monument is like:


The Memorial is built of white Carrara marble.  The Celtic cross in the centre rises 9mts into the air.  It  is covered with interlaced drawings after the style of the illustrations in the Book of Kells.  A sample of this interlacing from the cross is on the left hand side of this page.  The memorial  itself is based on a rectangular platform, 9mts by 7mts.  The sidewalls, one each side, are stepped down from 1.83 mts at the rear wall to 0.8mts at the front.  A wolfhound couchant is on the terminal of the side walls at each side.

The platform inside the walls is on two levels, both 7.3mts in width.   The first level, six steps up from the ground, is four mts deep.  The second level, a further two steps up, is 2mts deep.

For a more complete coverage of the memorial than can be given in this web-site we recommend the book of the memorial:  Sydney 1798 Memorial - tomb of a man who fought an empire.  It has 84 pages with 70 photos, 19 of them in colour.  People in Australia may obtain it by sending $20, which  includes p&p, to Michael O'Sullivan, 6/55 Gladstone St, Kogarah, 2217.

 To gain more knowledge about the 1798 Rising visit National 1798 Centre, Enniscorthy, Co Wexford.  The Centre is well worth visiting.  You may also look at the website,  National 1798 Centre Enniscorthy. which is chock-full of information.


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