Seventeen Ninety Eight Memorial

Easter Sunday, 1900, was chosen as the day for the opening of the completed monument.  This was a day which would enable the country people to attend.  They, after all, had contributed to the cost of the Memorial.   In 1898, two years before this, the Committee estimated that it would cost 2000 pounds.  At the opening the secretary said it had cost 2600, of which 2400 had already been received.

Five to six thousand people were present for the opening,  which Dr MacCarthy performed by removing the flags which draped the front of the monument.  He then spoke at length.


This is a photograph taken in 1900 by Dr MacCarthy.  The memorial is as we have it now, except that a bronze fence was placed across the front in 1927.

Six bronze plaques can be seen on the rear wall.  Dr MacCarthy designed and cast these bronze plaques himself, as also the two wolfhounds, which are seated on the front wall at each side.

Every Easter Sunday a ceremony is held at 3pm at the Memorial.  Up to 1966 it consisted of the rosary in Irish and an oration.  Now, there is a Mass, the reading of the Easter proclamation in Irish and in English, an oration and a message from Australian Aid to Ireland.

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