Seventeen Ninety Eight Memorial

The West Wall

The outside of the western wall, that is the wall on your right facing the monument, has a sentence in Irish, and an inscription in the Ogham alphabet. 

   May God free Ireland.


Beidid na deas laetena sean eireann vos - The bright days of ancient Ireland will dawn once more.  (The Ogham Alphabet is shown in 'Sydney 1798 Memorial'.)

 The East Wall

There is the one inscription in Irish on the East wall.

People of Ireland
treasure the memory of
the heroic deeds of your ancestors.

The warriors die
but the true cause lasts
for ever.


A County Kerry, Ireland, paper on 31 Sept 1904 relates that James Barton O'Connor, on his way home from Sydney to Ardfert, died in Killarney   In the account of his life it mentions that in Sydney he was widely esteemed as a Gaelic scholar and an Irish historian.  It continues "In these branches his knowledge has been at the disposal of various societies, and it proved of great assistance to the '98 Commemoration Committee in connection with the Ogham and Gaelic inscriptions on the monument at Waverley Cemetery".

The Rear Wall

On the rear wall are the names of 78 of those who took part in the 1798 Rising.  Space has been left for the name of Robert Emmet to be entered.


The full list of names with a short account of each person is to be found in 'Sydney 1798  Memorial - tomb of a man who fought an empire'.  The book may be obtained in Australia by sending $20 to Michael O'Sullivan, 6/55 Gladstone St, Kogarah, NSW, 2217.


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